I wanna little house
On a little hill
I wanna settle down
Yeah I think I will
Settle down and found
A little love is true
Settle down with a girl like you
I have seen a lot of girls
I had a lot of fun
Ran a round a lot
Now my running is done
Honey all I wanna, wanna be running to
Is the arms of a girl like you
You start live a life like you just don't care
You have done everything
You've been every where
What I've done enough
Tell you I wanna do
When I found a little girl like you
We'll get married in a church down .. ?
Tell a lot of jokes
Have a lot of laughs
Do what ever is what we wanna do
As long is I do it with a girl like you
Hey little stranger
Walking down the street
You're the only one
You can make my life complete
I got a plan but its made for two
So I need a girl like you
Hey hey a little girl like you
Oh oh a little girl like you

Thanks to Steven Stausens for the Lyrics

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