from a local channel bootleg from a live concert in warren utah
well she drew out all her money from the southern trust
put her little boy on the greyhound bus
leaving memphis with a guitar in his hand
on a one way ticket to the promised land

yeah hey little girl with the red dress on
theres a party tonight down in Memphis town
i'll be going down there if you need a ride
the man on the radio said Elvis Presley died

we drove down to Memphis-the sky was hard and black
up over the ridge came a white caddilack
they drawn out all his money and layed him in the back
a woman from the road cried "oh hes gone hes gone"

they found him slumped up against the drain
a whole lot of trouble came running through his vein
so bye bye johnny johnny bye bye
you didnt have to die you didnt have to die

independence day and it was in the bath
we found the lizard king had paved his path
goin to his maker-the other side of dawn
a place where the poet cant ever do no wrong
bye bye jimbo jim bye bye
you didnt have to die
you didnt have to die

Thanks Jeffrey, for the lyrics

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